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Wakefield Health Alliance is formed from 15 member GP practices across 3 primary care networks (PCNs) on the eastern side of Wakefield. Together, we work in partnership towards improving the health and wellbeing of our residents.

From Ackworth to South Kirkby, we believe the answer isn’t always behind a GP’s door – that education, not medication, empowers people.

Together, we are focused on four key areas of health and wellbeing education to help our communities – Feel well. Eat well. Sleep well. Move more.

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Health and wellbeing built for our communities

15 GP practices, 3 primary care networks and 1 GP federation all working together with our healthcare partners, local people, local community and voluntary organisations with one aim. To empower and take care of people in our communities so everyone can benefit from good health and wellbeing.

Our Priorities

Wakefield Health Alliance supports local GP practices to ‘do things differently’ together in primary care so that our services benefit more local people.

Our Members

Practices are collaborating, not competing, to serve our communities. They each have unique challenges, talents and experience that Wakefield Health Alliance brings together.

Primary Care Networks

Each Wakefield GP practice works with a group of 4-6 other practices as a primary care network (PCN). Wakefield Health Alliance has three PCNs.

Our Work

Wakefield Health Alliance is committed to improving the health and wellbeing of our local communities by concentrating on three key areas; obesity, mental health and cancer. We’re working on a range of projects right now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your group part of the NHS?

Yes. We are formed from 15 GP practices split across 3 primary care networks. Our group is connected to many other parts and providers in the NHS and across the Wakefield District.

What is a GP federation?

A GP federation is a group of GP practices that join together in the pursuit of common goals within a large geographical area. The Wakefield Health Alliance is made up of 15 GP practices in total, which work in smaller groups of three primary care networks to deliver NHS services for residents on the eastern side of Wakefield. Our primary purpose is patient education and empowerment to practices. By working in this way, we are also more effective in our use of NHS resources.

What is a primary care network?

A primary care network is a group of GP practices that work side by side with other local care providers to deliver primary care (the first point of contact in the NHS health system). These providers include community services, social care and the voluntary sector found in the immediate community around these practices.