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We innovate, we co-create, we get to the root cause of illness and disease.

Wakefield Health Alliance is a GP federation of 15 GP practices, serving around 152,000 patients throughout the region.

The Wakefield Health Alliance supports our primary care networks – helping them coordinate, manage and learn from one another. By working together in smaller groups, we learn from best practice – co-creating better health outcomes for those with similar health, wellbeing and lifestyle needs.

As one, our vision is to…

Drive down the health inequalities of our area by drawing on our wealth of knowledge, talents and experience.

Help practices and their patients get to the root cause of illness and disease in their community – recent study and activity on chronic illness shows us the critical importance of lifestyle in medicine. So this is our message – local people have the power to create their own wellbeing.

Face regional challenges head on. Together we are focused on four key areas of health and wellbeing education, to help local people to ‘feel well,’ ‘eat well,’ ‘sleep well,’ and ‘move more.’

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United, our priorities are…

To reduce GP workload (80% of which is due to lifestyle related disease).

To deliver a strong, unified voice to protect and support our member practices – enabling them to innovate and transform care delivery.

To improve population wellbeing – for 100% of the population (rather than the 30% usually honed in on with ‘personalised care’).

Together with our member practices, we are working towards…

Working smarter, not harder, with new ideas to bring about real change and measurable success (central to which are the projects we’re working on).

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A word about primary care networks…

Each of the three Wakefield Health Alliance Primary Care Networks chooses to provide certain health care services together that are completely unique to their patch, all with the aim to support people with short or long-term illnesses, They also implement and support changes that will improve the health of local people overall.

Watch this short animation from NHS England about primary care networks >


How Wakefield Health Alliance works

The Wakefield Health Alliance management team delivers strategic drive, governance and leadership for its three primary care networks – removing the burden and pressure from practice teams and healthcare professionals – who are so much better placed simply focusing on frontline care for their communities.

Each primary care network is led by a team consisting of a clinical director (GP), a lead nurse and a lead practice manager made up from the member practices.

Our Team

Dr Timothy Dean

GP at Ashgrove Medical Centre & Clinical Director for WHA Central PCN

Dr Jordache Myerscough

GP at College Lane Medical Centre & Clinical Director for WHA South PCN

Dr Nadim Nayyar

GP at Riverside Medical Centre & Clinical Director for WHA North PCN

Dr Pauline Riddett

GP at Northgate Medical Centre & Clinical Director for WHA Central PCN

Dr Caoimhin Tobin

GP at White Rose Medical Centre & Clinical Director for WHA South PCN

Kirsty Farrar

Practice Manager at College Lane Medical Centre & Management Lead for WHA South PCN

Alison Sugarman

Practice Manager at Northgate Medical Centre & Management Lead for WHA Central PCN

Glennis Rhodes

Federation General Manager

Russell Hart-Davies

Federation Programme Manager